'What’s Wrong with This Picture?'

Genre: Comedy
Running time: Approx. 1.5 hrs

Meet Jack Lloyd, a British-born film director teetering on the brink of a personal crisis. His flashy wife is dating a younger man, his teenage daughter has puberty issues and his latter films are as unpopular as second-hand underwear. At all events, Lloyd’s life is ‘flying apart at the seams’.

But this is a comedy and we’re at the movies so put on your happy face and get ready to meet Lloyd’s wild bunch of workmates as well: philandering French film producer Jean-Pierre Paquito, heart-throb Ronnie Hunk, weepy Production Assistant Anne and a cast of cranky actors.

Written in the best tradition of humourist S.J.Perelman,’ What’s Wrong With This Picture?’ shows why there is no business like show business and no writer like Alexander Nderitu!


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