1. Ghostwriting

Need an experienced author to write / co-write your Biography, Motivational Book, Magazine Articles or Novel ? Look no further!

Recommended for: Politicians, Pastors, Motivational Speakers, ageing Captains of Industry etc


2. Online Marketing Consultancy

- Creating and managing social media pages for your brand, event or product

- Online media monitoring

- Ghost-blogging

- Online Ad Campaigns on Facebook, LikedIn, Twitter etc

'Alexander Nderitu is the face of digital publishing in the country.' - The Nairobian


3. Digital Publishing Consultancy

For all matters concerned with African writing and publishing. Including:

- The (creative) writing process

- Copyright issues

- The current state of the book market

- Book agents and other middlemen

- Traditional publishing vis a vis Electronic Publishing

- How E-books work

- New Age E-book technologies

Recommended for: Aspiring authors, book publishers, book sellers, the media


4. Talks / Workshops

Talks on E-books, Publishing, Trends, ICT security and so on, sometimes with visual aids. Motivational talks included.

Note: Payment is negotiable. Client foots travel / accomodation bills.


5. Scriptwriting

Documentary scripts, TV scripts, film scripts, theatre scripts, commercials, music videos

Areas of competence (for TV and Film): Drama, Comedy, Action, Thriller

Sample script: Life as a Game


6. Script Editing

For those who already have film/TV scripts that need to be polished or re-written by a 'script doctor'.


7. Licensing Theatre Scripts

Why stage foreign content for your school / commercial play when there are award-winning Kenyan scripts? All of Alexander Nderitu's scripts for stage by are now available for licensing. Contact the playwright here >

Sample stage play: Hannah and the Angel

For more information any other the above-mentioned services, contact us here.


What others say:

'Alex Nderitu spoke about the importance of titles in writing. This was very insightful as he has authored books with some of the most thought provoking titles such as ‘THE MOON IS MADE OF GREEN CHEESE’. He emphasized on the importance of titles being marketable. His pointers were well researched and very organized, he should consider lecturing...' Read more >

'Alex Nderitu poet, author, creative genius is next in line. He is dressed in a black suit. That tells me…he is ready for business. The business of writing! He holds in his hands a collection of poems titled “The moon is made of green cheese”. He makes me want to visit the moon to see this green cheese he talks about or at best, to buy the book... ' Read more >


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