'Kiss, Commander, Promise'

(Short Stories)

In Kenya, an Egyptian defector becomes the focal point of an African Cold War... In North Korea, a disillusioned spy plays a cat-and-mouse game against his own secret service… In Canada, a successful businesswoman must outwit a stalker who has come a little too close for comfort… In Israel, a secret plan to bio-engineer an army of cloned soldiers creates ʹthe perfect storm’ of controversy… Back in Nairobi, an investigator is called in after an Indian family’s wedding plans turn into funeral arrangements… Elsewhere in Kenya, ripples of alarm begin to spread when a soon-to-be-crowned Nobel laureate goes missing, believed kidnapped… Meanwhile, a love triangle between a high-strung cop, a naïve writer and a beautiful girl spirals dangerously out of control… And finally, the Rwandan Genocide is revisited in a heart-rending tale of courage, sacrifice, hatred and fear…

‘That great Kenyan novel will eventually come. Perhaps, it will even emerge online, like the novels of Alexander Nderitu.' - Joyce Nyairo, cultural analyst, 'Daily Nation'

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