Controversial author/researcher David Icke has used a poem by Kenyan poet/novelist Alexander Nderitu to defend himself against allegations that he once worked for British intelligence. Laughing off the claim, Icke wrote on his official website, 'That must have been at the same time that I sprouted wings, flew to the moon for a green cheese sandwich and then went on to Mars for a chocolate bar. Oh yeah, I remember now.' And below that, he posted the wacky love poem, 'The Moon is Made of Green Cheese' by Alexander Nderitu.

The poem, which uses blatant contradictions to highlight a subtle point, appears in Nderitu's 2008 poetry e-book, 'The Moon is Made of Green Cheese', but Mr. Icke found it on the American literary website,

Dismissed by some as a 'conspiracy theorist', David Icke is an English writer, public speaker, and former sports broadcaster best known for his unsettling world views. He describes himself as the most controversial speaker and author in the world. He has written numerous books and travelled all over the world on speaking engagements dubbed 'wake up tours'. His book 'The Biggest Secret' (1999) is considered the "conspiracy theorist's Rosetta Stone".

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